Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Variation of moisture and temperature effect on the response of the hygroscopic balance curve of black bean seed (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and the quality of stored seeds under different environmental conditions    M.Sc.    sakine arabteymoori mahmoodabad    1399/11/29
2    Modeling Of Weed Seed Bank Dynamics In Response To Crop Type In Agricultural Ecosystems    Ph.D    Niusha Valaei    1399/07/27
3    Agro-ecological description of cultivation areas of major rainfed crops based on spatial-temporal patterns of drought    Ph.D    Fatemeh Yaghoubishahneshinsofla    1399/04/15
4    Drought assessment and forecasting in climate change condition using meteological date and output of a numerical model (CMIP5) and its effect on crous sativuste L. and products agriculture in Northeast of Iran or Middle east    Ph.D    marjan karimi    1398/12/17
5    Wheat growth model calibration using remote sensing-retrieved inputs (case study: Mashhad)    Ph.D    Hossein Zare    1398/06/31
6    Quantitative evaluation of productivity affected as intercropped corn (zea mays L.) with mung bean (Vigena radiata L.) and weed managment    M.Sc.    mostafa abbasi    1398/06/30
7    Effect of end season drought stress on Eco-physiological traits of rapeseed(Brassica napus L.) cultivars in In the late planting    Ph.D    Mojtaba rouhi    1398/04/31
8    The Feasibility of Reducing Water Consumption of Cut Roses Using Silicon Nutrition, Training Sytsems and Salicylic Acid    Ph.D    ali dolatkhahi    1397/11/30
9    Designing of soybean ideotype using CROPGRO simulation model    M.Sc.    zobeideh moradian    1397/09/13
10    Evaluating the possibility of planting methods and sowing date in rice production using seed priming techniques    M.Sc.    hamid reza zakeri poor    1397/06/31
11    Evalution of old and new varieties of rainfed wheat and chickpea response to planting date and Rotation in drayland condition of kohrasan    Ph.D    Rahim Yousefi Moghaddam    1397/06/26
12    Modeling canopy cover percentage and crop water use of wheat in Mashhad plain    Ph.D    Sara Asadi    1397/06/17
13    Habitat zoning of Shallot (Allium altissimum Regel.) in Khorasan Razavi    Ph.D    Ali Norooziyan    1397/06/10
14    Evaluation of water footprint production of wheat in Khuzestan province    Ph.D    Zeynab Anafjeh    1396/09/26
15    Quantitative analysis of potato production in north eastern of Iran    Ph.D    Mohammad Kazemi    1396/06/29
16    Morphological allometric relations of root and shoots for wheat (Triticum astivium) and white bean(Phaseolus vulgariss) varieties at different growth stages    Ph.D    sepide aghajani    1396/06/05
17    Evaluation and optimization of Vegsyst model in order to simulation of growth, nitrogen uptake and evapotranspiration of pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L.) under field and meterological condition of Mashhad    Ph.D    Mohammad Reza Naderi    1395/08/29
18    Ecophysiological studies of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) under ecological and conventional    Ph.D    Seyyed Mahdi Javadzadeh    1395/07/18
19    Study of Ecophysiological Indices in Substitution and Additive Intercropping of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) and Dill (Anethum graveolens L.)    M.Sc.    MEHDI YoUSEFNIA    1395/06/31
20    : Deficit irrigation and nitrogen effects on yield, yield components and protein content in sweet corn (Zea mays L.)    M.Sc.    aria sadeghi lotf abadi    1395/06/27
21    An study to find the effects of irrigation amount effects on summer squash yield and to determine the optimum water requirement.    M.Sc.    siavash bardehji    1395/03/08
22    Spatiotemporal vulnerability assessment of wheat, corn, sugar beet and canola affected by aridity and climate change effects on it in Khorasan counties    Ph.D    Sarvenaz Farhangfar    1395/03/01
23    Simulation of development and zoning for flower yield of Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in northeastern of Iran    Ph.D    bi bi maliheh mirhashemi    1394/08/24
24    Quantification of environmental risk assessment of agriculture under uncertainty of climate change, case study: Kashafrood basin    Ph.D    Azam Lashkari Tokhmmarz    1394/06/29
25    Effects of maternal corm weight and nutriment management on corm morphological characteristics of saffron (Crocus sativus L.)    Ph.D    Fatemeh Hassanzadeh Aval    1394/06/25
26    Evaluation of ecophysiology and Bioclimatology of rainfed Wheat using field and simulation models    Ph.D    omid armandpisheh    1394/03/12
27    study the effect of nitrogen fertilizer on water use efficiency of the Cucurbita pepo L.    M.Sc.    fariba armoon    1393/10/03
28    Spatial and temporal analysis of crop yield, case study: wheat and bean    M.Sc.    khadije poyanasab    1393/07/12
29    Modelling the effects of drought, climate change and Rhizomania on sugar beet production    Ph.D    javad rezaei    1393/06/19
30    Modeling of growth and N fertilization management in production of Allium altissimum and onion (Allium cepa L.).    Ph.D    hamed mansouri    1393/06/19
31    Study of growth indices, yield and yield components of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) and mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) in replacement and additive intercropping    M.Sc.    faramarz nazari moghadam    1393/04/01
32    Evaluation of agricultural activities impact by using environmental indices: a case study, Alborz Province, Karaj County    M.Sc.    Behrouz Ghorbanzade    1393/03/26
33    Investigating the effect of Azocompost and urea on some quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Marjoram (Origanum vulgare L.) under climatic conditions of Yazd and Mashhad    Ph.D    Rostam Yazdani Biouki    1393/03/26
34    Analysis of environmental heterogeneity impacts on carbon and nitrogen partitioning, growth, yield and qualitative characteristics of (Allium altissimum ).    Ph.D    Ehsan Eyshi Rezaei    1392/10/08
35    The effects of organic, biological and chemical fertilizers on radiation absorption and use efficiency of summer savory (Satureja hortensis L.)    M.Sc.    effat gholami sharafkhane    1392/09/24
36    Study the growth and development of the Cucurbita pepo L. in response to density and planting date    M.Sc.    fatemeh choopan kohnehquchan    1392/06/30
37    Orobanche control using agronmic and chemiacl controlling methods in tomato fields    Ph.D    somayeh tokasi    1392/06/24
38    uantitative analyses of growth and development of the Cucurbita pepo L. in response to density and nitrogen fertilizer    M.Sc.    elahe moradi marjaneh    1390/11/09
39    Effects of different weed control managements on diversity and density of weeds in the fields of corn in Ardestan region.    M.Sc.    Mohammad Amini Sejzei    1390/11/09
40    Predication of weed emergence in Corn(Zea Mays),Carthamus(Carthamus tinctorius) and Medicinal pumpkin(Cucurbit pepo var.striaca) field    M.Sc.    Alireza Dehghan Bahabadi    1390/06/30